It’s All About Relationships!

To state the obvious: Everyone wants to have great relationships. Conventional wisdom, supported by extensive research, shows that having good relationships is a major contributor to one’s overall health and productivity.

A common problem when dealing with relationship challenges, though, is that we are confused and unsure about what to do, and we often end up doing something that makes a relationship even worse!

In her book, IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! New Ways to Make Them Healthy and Fulfilling, at Home and at Work, Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., takes the uncertainty and thorniness out of problematic relationships. She also adds an understanding of what makes for satisfying relationships.

Using Dr. Rancourt’s 15 Building Blocks of Relationships, you will learn:

  • Skills needed to effectively manage all personal and professional relationships
  • How to replace randomness and indecisiveness in interpersonal interactions with confidence, focus, and direction
  • How to assess what is working in a given relationship and what is not
  • Easy-to-implement actions to get to desired outcomes in relationships—that is, to build, maintain, strengthen, change, or end them

The 15 Building Blocks of Relationships

Readers call the book “Readable,” “Actionable,” and “Empowering.” See what you think!

Test Drive

Take a “test-drive” of IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! so you can decide if it will have some value for you. Take the book “around the block,” so to speak — kick the tires, see how it handles, see if it has the features you’re looking for.